Wondering what things will look like when you stop working and if you have enough?  Trying to piece it together knowing you go from one source of income to a number.  Transitioning from the accumulation of RRSPs and savings to spending your coveted nest egg.

Plus add to the mix taxation, gov’t benefits (i.e. CPP, OAS, GIS), juggling between kids, grandkids and parents and your own health.  These golden years can be a very interesting time as the professionals who got you here (ie. Doctor, Lawyer, Accountant, Mechanic, etc.) are set to join you in retirement, thus changing the landscape of your key advisors.

We deliver peace of mind during this time as retirement is a process not an event.

What if you knew this about Your Retirement?

  • How much you needed to put into RRSP/TFSA to reach your desire income goal when you get your last paycheque.
  • When the best age is to enrol in CPP.
  • How to reduce or eliminate the OAS Clawback.
  • The amount of life insurance required to ensure your plan is bulletproof.
  • You will have enough money until you are well into your 90’s.
  • Taxation resulting from investments was minimized/eliminated.
  • You could take a part-time job only if you really wanted to.
  • Inflation was dealt with.

You can know this with King Capital Planning Inc.




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