Just Out of School

Questions to ask:
  • How fast do I pay down student loans?
  • Should I work overseas?
  • What is best way to save?
  • How do I find great job?
  • Can I start saving for my first place?
  • What habits should I get into with money?
  • New job, new car?
  • What is an RRSP really about?
  • Who needs a will at my age?
  • Should I keep this insurance my parents started for me?
  • I have this inheritance, now what?

Just Divorced

Questions to ask:
  • How do I get a handle on my finances now?
  • Do I need to get a new will?
  • What if I get remarried, how do I make sure my kids get my stuff?
  • When can I retire now that I’m on my own?
  • Should my CPP be started at age 60?
  • I want to travel but not on my own – how can I?
  • Can I update my beneficiries yet?
  • What if support payments aren’t coming through?
  • Should I get a nuptial next time?

Just Widowed

Questions to ask:
  • How do I claim life insurance?
  • Do my benefits need to be replaced?
  • Should I change my beneficiaries?
  • What is a terminal return?
  • Do I still need life insurance?
  • Can I downsize?
  • Who will do my taxes now?
  • Do I need to change my will?
  • What is a CHIP mortgage that my friends are talking about?




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