Guiding Entrepreneurs & Families on Retirement


I'm Sole Proprietor

Questions to ask:

  • Should I Incorporate?
  • What is best way to track & manage expenses, income etc.?
  • How should I set money aside for taxes?
  • Is it best to have separate bank accounts?
  • Can I run my car through the business?
  • What Insurance do I need to have?
  • Is there certain contracts to get?
  • Do I need a Lawyers and/or Accountant?

I'm Incorporated

Questions to ask:

  • Should I have a Hold Co. too?
  • Who should hold my lease?
  • Does my business get a mortgage?
  • Which bank is best to deal with?
  • How do I get a BIN?
  • Wait, what is a BIN?
  • What is the best way to run payroll?
  • I’m concerned I’ve outgrown my Accountant – now what?
  • How do I structure the Corporate Investments to deal with the Liberal Gov’t?
  • Should my business pay for my Life Insurance?
  • What is a Split Dollar Policy?
  • Do I need WCB for myself?
  • How do I get Employee Benefits?

I'm Selling

Questions to ask:

  • Why should I consider an RCA?
  • How do I value the business fairly?
  • My employees want to buy in – how?
  • Should I finance the sale to my offspring?
  • Is the market right to sell my business?
  • Will the sale generate enough money to make work optional?
  • What are my deal breakers?
  • How do I get Health Insurance without my business?
  • Do I keep a Hold Co.?
  • What do I do with the proceeds of my sale?

Guiding Entrepreneurs & Families on Retirement




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